Reclarifying Salvation: Lordship vs Easy-Believism

The Bridegroom is coming back! Are you prepared for it?   Many Christians no longer see the importance of theology. But it is most important to me. Theology informs practice, and in my years of ministry, I have met too many Christians who don’t know what the gospel is. 95% of Christians (my estimate) do […]

“Love”; Fatherlessness; Same-sex Marriage – How Family got Deconstructed in America

The breaking down of the family unit in a society is often systematic and hence, explanable. We are no longer playing with imagined theories. History and reality now provide us with real examples.   One example is Canada. 1 But as the unofficial cultural captial of the world, America is the focus of this writing. […]

Reclarifying Salvation 2: My Journey towards Kingship

It is scripturally well supported that there remains a journey – upon God’s first call to us – expected for the called to walk in, with God and towards God. It is also scripturally clear that God will judge how we have walked this journey, and He will be justified in whatever He judges.   […]

Veena’s Story

My name is Veena. I would like to share more about myself and how I had came to the Lord Jesus Christ.   I am a 38-year-old single mother of two boys. Yes, I “lost” my life at a very young age. Married at 21 and divorced at 23 – after I found out about […]

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