Many of you may have read about India’s lockdown situation and how the poor are suffering because of it: shops were closed, jobs were stopped, migrant workers turned into refugees overnight unable to work or get home. They have little food to eat. Millions are affected. Please watch the video below and read the article below to understand more:

An Indian pastor friend of mine wrote to me about the recent plight. Pastors have approached him telling him that their families and communities have nothing to eat. Because we had previously raised funds for Ps Johnson to run a certain project, we were able to allow him to activate those funds immediately to resolve the current starvation issues instead. You could read more about this pastor  and the project we tried to start with him here:

Support Grace Camp’s work among the Poorest: Would you sponsor a Yanadi kid at SGD40/mth?

With the money, Ps Johnson has over the last few days, bought rations, packed them and distributed them to families around the area.

Ps Johnson’s community packed food for distribution.
Some were blessed that first night.
More food distributed the next morning. Ps Johnson only has a few hours to do so. He also needs to keep a distance and left the food on the ground.
These are ration packed for a targeted 75 families after funds came in.
Truckload of food.

I asked Ps Johnson if after this round of distribution, he would propose to follow up on the same families or try to reach new clusters of families? I also asked him how long does he envision this to last? His response is it will be better to reach new clusters of families as they would need help too. He also said the lockdown can be lifted by April 15th – and once work resumes, things would get better.

However, within minutes of our conversation, Ps Johnson received news that India extended their lockdown by another 2.5 weeks.

More would need to be done to help the poor Indians sustain through this famine crisis.

Here are the latest set of photos Ps Johnson sent me today. He told me he went to the “poorest of the poor” (read about them).

Ps Johnson on the right.
Ps Johnson distributing 55 packs of food.
Some of these women were in tears as the 55 packs were not enough for everyone. This broke Ps Johnson’s heart.

If you would like to help India’s poor tide over this crisis through the ministry of Ps Johnson, you could text Roxanne @90016790 now to be connected in a Chat Group with Ps Johnson directly (accountability purposes). We are coordinating an effort to help. Below are some references:

Food items:

  1. Rice
  2. Dal
  3. Oil
  4. Onions
  5. Tamarind
  6. Soaps
  7. Dry Chilies

Cost to feed one family for 15 days: $40

Love gift:

Ps Johnson is recommending a love gift for poor pastors: $40 (these could be Ps Johnson’s associates who are like-minded in the helping work for the poor).

Singapore’s churches may be suspending our gatherings for now but we must not be inactive. We are blessed to be a blessing. An opportunity and a gap has arisen. Join me to rally for our Indian neighbours. Thank you.

Help India’s Poor under “lockdown crisis” tie over famine

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