Author of Sexuality Education – Unshakable Foundations, Leo is an accomplished sexuality educator and a seasoned counsellor who have worked with many kinds of clients. He is an outspoken advocate in public square on marriage as well as loving the same-sex attracted. Have a read at one of Leo’s letters to the forum. You may engage Leo to speak on sexuality issues.

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 Sharing on S2 at Hope Church to 900 leaders

S1 sharing at Leng Kwang Baptist Church

Samples of Leo’s Talks

Crucial Conversations (Sexuality Series): 

S1: Raising Generations in a Sexualized Age (Basic: Birds and the Bees)

Among the myriad of ideas about romance in the world today, are conventional ideas of love archaic or are they actually timeless? Combining insights with research, a foundational framework that helps participants in all stages of their lives make sense of sex, love and marriage is presented – with an emphasis on the whys rather than the whats. The talk specifically explores the role of parents in raising the young as well: How do you talk to your child about sex? Are values still relevant? What should you warn your child about “safe sex”? Do you really still have an influence? What handles can you take home and apply?


S2: Understanding Libertinism from a Christian Worldview (Intermediate: Concerns on Culture)

This cultural snapshot of libertinism and its effects on society, individuals, is developed to encourage and convince Christian youths and adults to adopt a Christian worldview on the issue. It comprehensively covers grounds including mass influence from media, music, internet. It expounds the topic with objectivity and in depth from where people are most concerned with, or rather, confused about – the genetic sciences; the “bigotry” in rejecting “freedom to love”; and whether Christian love and truth is indeed a better alternative as it claims to be etc.


S3: Sexual Wholeness, Gender Identity and Biblical Sexuality (Advance: Train the Counselors)

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes, yet psychological schools of thought differ fundamentally in their helping philosophy. So is psychology a science or is it a philosophy? How does differentiating this inform us about helping from a Biblical approach? To what extent can a lay person who wish to help a same-sex attracted be of use even if he is untrained in psychology or counselling? How can a broken person find restoration in an imperfect world?


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