In 2013, the Worldview Movement was launched in Singapore when a group of individuals hosted Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries to run a Worldview Conference. Before the conference, God revealed the prophetic significance of the worldview movement to Leo and Roxanne through Joshua 17:17-18.

“You are numerous and very powerful. You will have not only one allotment but the forested hill country as well. Clear it, and its farthest limits will be yours; though the Canaanites have chariots fitted with iron and though they are strong, you can drive them out.” – Joshua 17:17-18

This is understood as:

To the extent of the church’s faith in this worldview movement, shall the church reclaim the culture as far as we dare believe.

With this Word, Worldview Partners was founded.

Since then, the goal of holding a Worldview Camp in Singapore for young Christians emerged. Efforts were aimed at having Jeff Myers return with his team of worldview educators to train the youth in Singapore in Jan 2015.

In between this time, the Lord continued to speak to Leo and Roxanne about the importance of worldview education. After Roxanne’s dream of a Christian girl who was taken captive by kidnappers (who symbolically represented the worldviews of the world like materialsm and moral relativism) and whose life was subsequently wasted despite her best attempts fighting the kidnappers i.e. the worldly worldviews, the couple decided to pursue worldview equipping fervently. This also led them to attend the Summit Adult’s Worldview Conference in Colorado Springs, US, in March 2014.

After the couple came back, a couple of events led the couple to pray about selling their house. They received this confirmation from the Lord:

“And immediately the spirit driveth him into the wilderness.” – Mark 1:12 

They obeyed and sold their house. Around that period, it also became increasingly clear that the original plan of having Jeff Myers and his team to run a Worldview Camp for Singapore in Jan 2015 was not going to materialise. Unexpected events had cropped up on the Americans’ side and finances was also an issue on the Singaporeans’ side.

Remembering the dream that the Lord laid in their hearts, a disappointed Leo began to seek the Lord. “Why hadn’t the camp materialise?” “Did not the Lord speak so powerfully regarding the Worldview Movement?” “Is Worldview Partners dead with just one conference?” The Lord began to impress upon Leo on how local ministers like him must take up the mantle of teaching worldviews. While foreign speakers attract the crowd during events, they leave a dearth behind when they return home. The more important day to day, follow-up equipping needs of churches, if any, do not get met. Interestingly, the proceeds from the sale of the house also enabled Leo and Roxanne to cross their biggest hurdle of organising the camp – finances. With all obstacles out of the way, Leo is left with no arguments but to obey the Lord’s leading – run a Worldview Camp with local ministers.

Worldview Camp Poster A3 copy

By the grace and leading of God, in June 2015, Worldview Partners successfully concluded Arise Issachar! Inaugural Worldview Camp – marking a significant milestone in the worldview movement; but the journey has only begun.

Months later, the Lord woke Leo up with a date and the desire to run the 2nd Worldview Camp – Crossover Worldview Camp! Leo immediately checked with his sponsors who had helped for the first camp. When he realised that the cost to continue running the camp in Singapore would have to increase significantly, he thought of having the camp in Johor Bahru. That immediately brought up other concerns like safety, especially when the main participants of the camp are expected to be youths. It was also a period of very bad haze which makes it difficult for the couple to travel with their 2 year old.

With only a short runway to plan for the camp, Roxanne prayed, “Lord, should you want us to explore Malaysia, clear the haze for us tomorrow.” Leo was then in the living room when he saw updates from NEA that said haze conditions will worsen the next day. He told her, “I don’t think it will work out tomorrow. NEA is seldom wrong.”

But the Lord had plans to surprise them. Behold! The couple awoke to clear skies the next day.


The couple obeyed the prompting of the Lord and symbolically made the crossover – from Singapore to Johor Bahru. They checked into a studio room and was surprised that it came with a balcony. When they walked over to have a look at the skies, this was what greeted them.

Together with their daughter, they witnessed a huge rainbow over the skies! What’s the significance they made about the rainbow? Read on:


Yes! The Lord’s presence will CROSS OVER ahead of the campers! It was a sign of His Presence, His Promise and His Glory!