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My name is Veena. I would like to share more about myself and how I had came to the Lord Jesus Christ.


I am a 38-year-old single mother of two boys. Yes, I “lost” my life at a very young age. Married at 21 and divorced at 23 – after I found out about my ex-husband’s adultery – my whole world was shattered.


Though lost, I decided to pluck up the courage to leave him after he had repeatedly squandered the 2nd chances I had given him. Even though life was hard, I carried on my responsibilities to my children and worked 2 jobs to support them.


Even though life was never easy and being the only parent to two young children was a challenge, I did not remarry. It was a choice I made for my children’s sake, though I had one long relationship with another guy. Due to the differences we had, we split eventually. I continued to struggle bringing up my children by working odd jobs.


Life posed lots of challenges and obstacles. I nearly gave up at one point. Then, I had a Christian friend who brought me to visit a church and gave me a bible. However, I was reluctant to give up my own faith and practices.


3 years later, I met my current partner and fell in love. I also got pregnant. We could not get married yet as he has not finalised the legal proceedings of his divorce with his ex-wife.


With mounting stress and financial difficulties – I remember the many nights where I suffered in silence over my agony – I finally acted foolishly. In order to raise money quickly, I committed a fraud and was arrested for cheating. I cried through the 2 days when I was locked up in a cell. Then, I met a fellow inmate who spoke to me about the Lord Jesus Christ. I was confused, half hearted, but I suddenly sat up and prayed to God to forgive me. I told God to show me His light and give me courage and strength. I requested for God to show me He is real by letting me go out on bail, where if He would make a way for me, I will pay back what I owe and learn from my mistake.


That night after I had prayed, I went to court. I was told that I have been offered a cash bail. I started crying. I made a call to my partner and asked if he could help to bail me out. Miraculously, he managed to raise the fund and I was bailed.


When I met my partner, he shared with me that he himself had went literally crazy. He entered into a trance where he lost control of his body and speech. In that state, it was through the prayer of his brother, who had also called his mentor, Leo, who came and prayed with him, that he recovered from his trance. He saw the power of prayers in the name of Jesus and the reality of the Kingdom of God through it.


I was shocked and lost for words when I heard what he shared. I related my own experience with Christ Jesus that night when I was locked up. After hearing our experiences, we hugged each other and cried.


We subsequently met up with brother Leo who guided us on the journey to know more about Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and Father God. We attended church services. After we related to brother Leo some of the ghostly experiences we had been experiencing in our home, he came down with some others to dedicate our home to the Lord. I felt those darker experiences left. Instead, the presence of God filled our home. The feeling was unexplainable. Tears streamed down from my eyes as we dedicated our lives and home to God. I felt the love of God and His kindness to me. From that day, I started praying and reading the Bible, and experienced even more miraculous breakthroughs in my personal walk with Him.


Months passed. I remembered my responsibility to pay back the company I had committed fraud against. Even though on top of my day job, I had worked odd jobs doing cleaning at nights and through the weekend – all these – while carrying a child. Still, I was still unable to raise enough money to make that restitution.


Finally, I approached brother Leo for help. I shared with him my burden and desire to pay what I owed. I also told him my abilities in cooking, baking and creating flower arrangements. Brother Leo then thought of an idea and did a fundraising drive among his friends for me to sell flowers during the week of International Women’s Day. Gratefully and wholeheartedly, with passion and love, I worked through day and night, on top of managing my regular job. We nearly raised the amount required. For the remaining amount, I took up an interest-free loan of $1,500, with a monthly repayment as low as $50 (the low repayment eases my burden tremendously). With the loan, I finally made the restitution. All glory to God for helping me through!


Through this, I also saw the reality of Christian love. By my own initiative, I was baptized on Easter Day. I am so happy that I am His child!



My problems are not over but I am keeping faith in God that He will help me through. Finances are still a concern. With the flower arranging experience, it sparked my business instincts. I started a Facebook page to continue advertising my flower creations. I hope to be able to give more to my kids and my baby who’s due in weeks. A friend of mine has also volunteered to help me to build a simple website. As I am due in about 3 weeks, my work contract had ended – this means I currently have no other source of income. This business is my priority and hope. Therefore, I hope you who are reading can give me a chance to bless you and your family.


We have a Mothers’ day special right now – flowers and gifts at competitive prices. I have people helping me in the event that if my baby arrives, we would still be able to honour our business commitments. I will appreciate your kind support and prayers.


Thank you Jesus for washing away our sins. Our heavenly Father will keep us loved unconditionally and strong in faith. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


– Veena, May, 2017


Leo’s comments: It’s my greatest joy and privilege to  journey with Veena and KH (her partner). I love Veena’s sense of responsibility and genuineness to want to set things right – with her own hands. When she approached me, I felt the conviction from the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10) – how God wants His people to be defined by practical love, more than religiosity.

When she started this business, I spent days thinking how I can best help to advertise. Without support, word of mouth or publicity, it would be hard. Finally, I decided this blog is the best place to do it. Veena hasn’t mentioned, but I remember my own pregnancy journey and how expensive it can be – she would need funds for her delivery and more.

Please consider thoughtfully if you can support her business, or to share it with your friends. Remember her prayerfully.


Note: Veena’s HP number is available on her business website. Please message her to make an order. Also, do support her by liking her FB Page. Thank you.

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