Formerly Worldview Partners, VOW – Voice of Wilderness – is a Christian Revival Movement for Truth and Social Good – through Worldview and Sexuality education.

In a nutshell, imagine this conversation..

Friend: What do you do now?

VOW: Oh I am part of VOW

Friend: What’s that?

VOW: Voice of Wilderness

Friend: Huh?

VOW: It is a movement based on Isaiah 40:3 – The voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”

Friend: Er.. So what does VOW do?

VOW: Well we do Crucial Conversations

Friend: What’s that?

VOW: Well there are two tracks to Crucial Conversations – Worldview series and Sexuality series. For worldview, we equip churches with the Biblical Worldview; For sexuality, we help churches make sense of the prevailing cultural issues of our time, which includes the sexualisation of societies and the same-sex marriage movement. Our vision is to see a Biblical Church come together to work together for the transformation of Singapore through campaigns.

Friend: Transform Singapore through campaigns?

VOW: Yeah. For example, in the area of the sexualisation of societies.

Friend: Hmm.. but why do you need that when you already have, say for example, campaigns like Wear White speaking out?

VOW: Have you ever wooed a girl?

Friend: Huh?

VOW: Imagine the two sides that are having this same-sex marriage debate as two guys wooing a girl. One guy has a much better character, but all he does is to tell this girl how good he is. The other side has a character that will destroy the girl, but he is so good at sweet-talking. He is always going on charm-offensive, telling the girl how much he loves her. Now this girl isn’t a very discerning person. Who do you think she will choose?

Friend: Hmm… she’s going to choose the guy who will destroy her.

VOW: This is why the good guy has to start showing her his love as well, he needs to get on the charm offensive to love her as well.

Friend: Hey, but.. but.. in the first place, if the good guy really does love the girl, she couldn’t have not known that, could she?

VOW: Well.. I think you got it. That’s the problem. Maybe.. he doesn’t really love her in the first place..

Friend: Hmm..

VOW: And even if we do love, campaigns like Wear White do not distinguish that.

Friend: Does that mean you don’t support wear white?

VOW: We do actually, but Wear White simply represents our position. It doesn’t reveal our nature of love. We shouldn’t stop learning to speak the truth IN LOVE more and more.

Friend: Fair enough.

VOW: That’s why VOW’s vision is to see a Biblical Church living according to her Nature and Mission. Our nature is love – that’s our greatest commandment. Our mission is to disciple nation – that’s our great commission. To this end, having a Biblical Worldview is important. This is also why VOW is a revival movement of Biblical truth at its heart. Unless Christians know our mission, we cannot launch. Unless Christians love, we will not launch. Therefore, VOW is the voice that prepares the way of the Lord, as we work to see the Biblical Church revelling in her nature and mission. We ask this question: Can the church come together to work together for the transformation of our nation’s culture? The day we see campaigns for social good done out of distinct love is the day we know we have arrived at our goal.

Friend: I think I get you now.

VOW: Would you like to see our Crucial Conversation program and perhaps be part of this movement?

Friend: Yes please…

And what an exact fit it is! Worldview education prepares the church for His way, and sexuality education is for the family. Hornbills are also found to be creatures who sound out alarm calls when in danger. Today, our society faces threats to the marriage and family institutions like never before. We need a chorus of voices to alarm one another into a movement that will drive us to come together and work together for truth and social good. We need to arise as the Biblical Church who lives according to her nature and acts according to her mission. To this end, Biblical Worldview Education and Sexual Literacy are critical knowledge that the Church must have. How do we achieve this? It’s time for the church to have Crucial Conversations. It’s time for the bride of Christ to get prepared.



Are you one whom the Lord can use to prepare His way too? The Lord is looking out for His faithful ones – His disciples, who will give it all to do His Will (Luke 14:33; Mat 7:23). There is no Church apart from disciples. The Church Jesus called is not self absorbed, passive spectators, pew fillers, apathetic hearers or cowardly observers. The Church Jesus called is strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9); not a matter of talk but of power (1 Cor 4:20), is full of deeds that accompanies her faith (James 2:14-26), embraces full discipleship by renouncing everything else (Luke 14:26-33), exuberates compassion and love according to the image that she is created in (Gen 1:27; 1 John 4:16; Mat 22:36-40), responds to needs and crisis (Luke 10:25-37; Eze 16:49), willing to lose her life for Him but will find it instead (Mat 16:25).

At the same time, God warns that there will be a church which Jesus will spit out (Rev 3:16), and say, “Away from me, I do not know you. (Mat 7:23)” She will be separated from the rest as chaff to be burned in unquenchable fire instead of wheat received into the barn (Mat 3:12), and she will be thrown out because she has lost her saltiness by denying discipleship and the Lord (Luke 14:33-35).

God told us not to fear those who kill the body but fear Him who’s able to destroy both the body and soul (Mat 10:28). Difficulty is no excuse for disobedience. Ester was warned “Do not think that.. you alone.. will escape.. but you and your father’s family will perish.(Esther 4:13,14) These were the warnings Mordecai remarked to Esther, “and who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” (v14) Esther finally understood the spiritual importance of her role and the issue of her time and knew what she had to do. She surrendered it all to God and remarked with her famous words, “If I perish, I perish. (v16)” 

God has given us His word to assure us and to help us overcome. We know that we need not fear, but we must be alert and engage. Gentleman, have we not been raised for such a time as this?

Are you that voice whom the Lord has raised too? Let us join our voices to begin the revival movement for truth. Let us join our voices that the Church may arise to be the salt and light she is always meant to be – a agent for truth and social good.