I had previously documented on suspected vaccine injured stories and interviewed Charlene and Yvonne, both in their thirties. Last week, I met up with two gym buddies who are only in their twenties.

They set out to vaccinate to reclaim their lives but ironically suffered the loss of health and quality of life.

Kee Siang, 28 years old, had returned to Singapore from a work stint in Australia last year. His health has been in tip top condition: he has been working out in the gym the last 5 years and has not fallen sick for 3 years. He did not see a need to vaccinate but decided to do so less there be complications in his desire to return to Australia.

However, on the 2nd day after his Pfizer jab on 18 Aug, he began to experience chest tightness and numbness on his left palm. At first, he thought these were typical side effects. But when these symptoms persisted, Kee Siang began talking to others about it. Not only did he learn that his gym buddy, Jerold has just got hospitalized at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for related issues, he also found out that his two siblings have been having chest pains since their jabs. One of them had needed to call the ambulance while the other almost visited the A&E. Both in the end, decided not to seek further medical help. Another friend also responded to Kee Siang that he has been having chest pain, but won’t be doing anything about it.

All of them are in their twenties.

“If only I had learnt about these stories days earlier, I wouldn’t have taken the shot,” lamented Kee Siang, who never had any heart issues prior to the Pfizer jab. He sought doctors at both public hospitals and private clinics but none could explain his symptoms. At each place, doctors ran standard tests on him. But once the test results came back normal, they would stop offering help.

Like in Charlene’s and Yvonne’s case, despite Kee Siang’s unexplained anomalies, doctors dare not suggest his symptoms could be related to the vaccine.

Kee Siang also woke up with sudden unexplained bruises one day. These bruises faded away but the concern is in not knowing what is happening to his health

3 months now onwards, Kee Siang’s heart pulling issues had intensified into heart piercing pains. “I tend to feel this pain at night. It happens randomly. I would be using my phone when I suddenly feel this piercing pain. I will also feel this pain during weight lifting.” Kee Siang describes how he would have to pause in-between each weight lift to let his heart rest.

I asked Kee Siang why had he not have had conversations with his siblings or friends about vaccine injuries earlier. “Well, we all thought this vaccine was safe right, so who have thought of bringing such conversations up?” Kee Siang had never researched about vaccine injuries prior to his vaccination. Now, he’s a member of the Suspected Vaccines Injury Telegram group. “There are many others with similar symptoms. At least I know I am not alone.”

Through Kee Siang, I got to meet Jerold, his gym buddy who was hospitalised.

Jerold, 29, is a full time fitness trainer. He had his Pfizer jab on 17 July. All seemed well at first. But on 20 July, while Jerold was meeting a client, a muscle (or vein) twitched furiously at the base of the back of his head. “The twitch was so persistent that I was unable to focus in my meeting. That’s when I first felt something was wrong,” said Jerold, who like Kee Siang, was in the pink of health prior to his Pfizer jab.

Jerold made his way down to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s (KTPH) A&E after his meeting. The doctors did tests on him but could not find anything wrong. In the end, they gave him some painkillers and sent him home. He was fine for 3 days. However, on the 4th day, Jerold woke up with intense abdominal pain and went to KTPH again on an ambulance. But they discharged him again after all the test results came back normal.

Then on 14 Aug, he was working out on his upper body when he felt numbness and a tingling sensation on his right leg. “The feeling was like one of semi paralysis in my leg, like a nerve there got damaged or something,” said Jerold. By then, he had got acquainted with the Suspected Vaccines Injury Telegram group and read up on other people’s experiences of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. He learnt of a D-dimer test that could check for blood clots and decided to do it.

According to Medlineplus.gov, D-dimer is a protein fragment that’s made when a blood clot dissolves in our body. A D-dimer test is used to find out if we have a blood clotting disorder. Jerold went to a private clinic to take his D-dimer test, and found out that his D-dimer score was dangerously high. A healthy score would be 0.5 and less. Jerold’s D-dimer result was 1.2. The doctor advised Jerold to check himself into a hospital immediately.

Jerold headed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) this time. At TTSH, the doctors did the D-dimer test again to confirm his elevated D-dimer score. He was immediately warded. In the next two weeks, 3 doctors sought to find out the reason behind Jerold’s raised D-dimer. The first did an ultrasound test on his leg and MRI test on his brain – both did not surface blood clots. The second doctor – a Professor – did a CT scan in Jerold’s lungs to detect for Pulmonary Embolism. The results came back normal. The third and final doctor who took over Jerold’s case was a blood work specialist, but he too could not find anything wrong with Jerold.

By now, these doctors have ran out of reasons to explain for Jerold’s raised D-dimer, but none of them would even explore the possibility that his condition could be connected to the vaccine.

In the end, the Professor offered the one rationale – Jerold’s raised D-dimer could be the result of his physical exertions. It was the first time Jerold had heard that exertions in gym could cause blood clots. Yet when Jerold was not working out at the hospital, his D-dimer remained raised. Yet these doctors seem contented to let this mystery remain. (According to Jerold, one doctor in private conversation, conceded that Jerold’s condition is likely vaccine-induced – but they would not be able to write this down.)

Today, Jerold still does not have a proper diagnosis for his condition even though a raised D-dimer is potentially life threatening.

Both Jerold and Kee Siang are angry they are without recourse as they suffer silently from a seemingly permanent health condition; and it was a vaccine they unwillingly took. Jerold took it to avoid economic and social repercussions. Kee Siang thought he needed the jab to travel back to Australia.

They are also angry knowing that vaccination is being pushed to children. Jerold alluded to the 16 years old boy who got myocarditis and received the quarter million VIFAP payout: “It was from this case I first learnt about the reality of vaccine injury. By then I already got my jab before I could do any research.” Kee Siang also echoed the reality that had hit him, his siblings and friend, who all now suffer from chest pain: “Jabbing kids will be inhumane. They are so young and their resilience against Covid is so much higher. Why would they need a jab?”

Jerold and I

Both of them now wish for their stories to serve as a warning to others, especially children and their parents. One must do their research before blindly following whatever advice one hears. The day you realise these people who told you to trust their advice but will not take responsibility if anything happens to you, is a distressing one. This is the plight of many suspected vaccine injured.

I share these sentiments. Therefore, should we be quick to turn against those with “unvaccinated” status? They include your vaccine injured like Yvonne Lian and Charlene Lin who despite of their injury, are still expected to continue their jabs to achieve their “vaccinated status”. Medical exemptions do not apply easily even to the suspected vaccine injured. One day, it could be you, your child or parent who might be discriminated against for choosing not to go along indiscriminately with the booster jabs, or who suffer an adverse side effect so serious that it robs your health or quality of life thereafter. Should we not be compassionate to one another and value our neighbors more especially when a divisive spirit looms over society? Dare we be proud that we are vaccinated but did not suffer any injury?

Kee Siang and Jerold would have been expected to continue with their jabs as well or face social and economic pressures. Fortunately for them, they both caught Covid and now have a 270-day pass as a “vaccinated” in all areas with VDS (vaccination-differentiated safety management) measures. In their opinion, having had real experience with long term or permanent adverse effects following their jabs, they might be better off getting infected with Covid and gaining natural immunity from it. Statistically, Covid does seem not to affect healthy young adults of the age group of 20-39 seriously. There have been only two fatalities in this age group after about 200k infections here – and both were noted by MOH to have “multiple underlying medical conditions”.

But already, I have met and documented the stories of 4 millennials of this age group who have developed serious health conditions following vaccination. Does the threat of Covid really outweigh the risk of adverse events following vaccination? This is why I have written an open letter to our government – and I ask for your signatory alongside – to have them reconsider vaccinating our 5-11 years old. With further unjustified VDS measures set to push the population in 2022, such divisive segregation are likely to even hit our children in schools. As a counselor, I know it will harm their mental health. I hope you can read my open letter to understand why Covid does not justify the risks we are taking, and join me as one to urge our government to rethink.

<Click here to read the Open Letter>

<Click here to sign on the Open Letter>

Gym buddies and siblings’ health took a turn for the worst after Pfizer jab

8 thoughts on “Gym buddies and siblings’ health took a turn for the worst after Pfizer jab

  • November 23, 2021 at 5:23 am

    Kids n people below 60 are resilient . They do not need vax or boosters.
    Moh & Hsa shouldvrun researches with facts and figures to prove that vaccine is necessary before mandating vax. It is
    Against democratic countries to discriminate vaxed from unvaxed at coffee shops n eating places with observing all safety measures. People need engagement n space outside their homes to cope with mental stability n emotional/psychological support.

    • November 24, 2021 at 7:20 am

      In 2 words it’s a game of control & corruption.

  • November 23, 2021 at 10:57 pm

    I think this video below on senator Ron Johnson’s roundtable on vaccine mandates is a must watch for everyone.


    At the 2.29 minute mark, the speakers are 2 clinical trial participants who are vaccine injury victims. They say that their injuries are not recorded in the corresponding journal publication. That is clinical trial fraud to me.

    Other things to note for people who want to look at the science:

    The Indian female doctor pointed out that if the clinical trials were properly conducted, we would not need to wait for the Massachusetts superspreader event to know that vaccines do not help with the situation.

    The older white female professor brought out that vaccine mandates are wrong because if the vaccines cause more harm than they save, then a lot of people would have suffered needlessly. (Remember “do not wear masks if you are well”?)

    The Indian male professor said that the data for clinical trials are not available publicly till very much later, and it is not like anyone can get it. He says that scientists do not have agreement over vaccinations due to the lack of the data. He draws from his first hand experience from how swine flu was handled years ago.

  • November 24, 2021 at 1:06 am

    I am unvaxxed, and I have hold out vaxxing since day one. I knew even before the vax was rolled out that vaxes are never a good thing. What further confirms my fear in late 2020 while watching a US News was that when CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourta was first interviewed on LIVE TV in US he was caught with his pants down, when the interviewer asked him suddenly on air whether he too has his jab already. Unprepared, he stammered and fumbled and say no and replied that becos he would like others to have it first (Tsk, how noble) when the first couple of million doses were already shipped out. The body language was loud and clear. When I put out this statement recently in Ho Ching’s FB. She simply answered, he has his jab already. How much does she know him personally to be so sure, more importantly why does she has to answer me at all about a foreign CEO, I am just a nobody commenter on her FB?
    2nd – When undercover reporters spoke to 3 Pfizer scientists, they say the vaccines are no better than our own antibodies, and one even say they are working for an evil corporation.
    3rd- My 53 years old friend died 4 days in his sleep at home after his 2nd jab in Aug. He was fit as a horse. With no history or documents of any medical condition, why was there no post mortem of his death. Death cert merely says heart attack. Why no postmortem? which is normal for anyone with no medical documentations when they suddenly died at home HSA will conduct a post mortem, to make sure there is no foul play at home. Or is it that they have a protocol that if anyone died within a week or 2 after jab, there shall have no need for a post mortem? And this is just only one case I know of, how many more out there?
    3rd : I am in the death business supplying stuffs to various casket companies. The past 2 mths my business went up by abt 30 or 40%. I was wondering why. Then I though, is it becos after PM Lee announce that unvaxxed are not allowed to dine in hawker centres and coffee shops and enter malls. The casual talk among the industry is that probably those seniors upon hearing that H/Ctrs and C/Shops are restricted to them, they rushed in to have the jabs which even MOH reported that there was sudden increased of 1st time jabbers. Hence I guess with these sudden spike in vaxxing, some seniors with underlying condition may hv been affected and died. The vax may not be the direct cause of injuries or death, but a probable trigger factor to the existing underlying conditions to deteriorate these condition more expediently. And many probably do not even know they have a certain underlying condition until they have a full medical check up, but frankly, how many actually go for that?

    • December 25, 2021 at 3:28 pm

      I am watching the void decks…how many have funeral tents. If Mother Nature is to act, there will be many more funerals in 2022.

      Dissident scientists are predicting disasters. WHO and government experts are saying…vaccines are safe.

      There cannot be both groups being correct.

      Oh, I hear SAF jet flying almost every day except on Sundays. If I do not hear them flying that often, I know something has happen. Pilots have to be cleared by the Flight Surgeon for flying as they training over densely populated Singapore. Vaccines often cause mycarditis, pericarditis and even brain problems. A d -Dimer test will indicate something is wrong even if CT scan, PET scan and all other blood tests cannot reveal the causes.

  • January 9, 2022 at 10:42 pm

    Adverse effects have been on Internet for a year, even before the vaccines were rolled out in USA. Many people are so glued to their own tasks and will not bother to read the news or even to investigate for their own health sake.

    These folks are lucky to be alive…they could have been dead by now. ALL Covid vaccines currently in use have varying degrees of toxicity. The range of adverse effects number by the dozens. Many do not suffer any serious effects but there are also many who do and some who have not survived. It is almost impossible to link their sufferings to vaccines as the tests are not specific enough to establish the links plus the vaccine manufacturers have not disclosed everything .

    I wonder how many even heard of the Truth Warriors? I see Telegram chat rooms subscribers in the low thousands. It shows the apathy of Singaporeans. It is their life and their health.

  • March 8, 2022 at 4:48 am

    Into the 3rd year of a Fraud, Hoax, Scamdemic, PLANDEMIC…it is beyond high time to stop trying to convince the diehard skeptics and let them enjoy the stench, feel and taste of the cesspool they are frolicking in.
    Enough info, evidence and tragedies out there for all to come to their own verdicts.


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