If sex is God’s beautiful gift to mankind, why is the church silent about it? God’s people should not have to go to the world for His answers. In this CD, Leo expounds on what God has to say about sexuality in an honest, vulnerable manner that does not condemn. It is human to be broken but it is God who restores. Sex is not a meaningless activity but one that is based on intimacy built on trust and commitment. Ultimately, our greatest intimacy is with our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Husband of those who are single or married. Being single, I am greatly encouraged and comforted to learn that singlehood has its purpose. God’s perspectives are not the same as the world’s. Leo brings us back to living out biblical truths in our lives. Although targeted at Christians, the Q&A is very relevant and practical for those who are not of the faith. I highly recommend this CD to both youths and adults seeking a transformed life.

Serene Ho